Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Wear It: Jen's Top Styles for Holiday

Jenmarie G., a store associate from our AE store in Corona, California, runs a great fashion blog called Style Through Her Eyes. We love reading Jenmarie's style tips and thought she would make a great guest blogger for Made to Last.

We asked Jenmarie to style and photograph her top three looks for men and women from our Holiday collection. Jenmarie is wearing the women's looks and Luis, a key holder at the Corona AE, is modeling the men's looks.

Look 1: Feminine detailing like ruffles is one of my favorite things. This new, shimmery ruffled skirt works great with a tucked in shirt. If tucking your shirt in to a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt like this one is a new thing for you, try going for a loose chiffon top like the one I'm wearing. It makes for a comfortable and effortless look. And you know, a little pop of red never hurts either. We have fantastic new skinny belts and beautiful skirts and dresses in our store already, so if you're thinking you need something new to wear for the holidays, definitely take a peek!

Look 2: My confession is this; I'm obsessed with lace and crocheted pieces. I'm the type of person who would wear this outfit even if I had no event to attend. Why not have a red carpet moment every day? I love the lace bodice on the dress and the sleeves on the cardigan. Silver happens to be one of my favorite accent colors and it worked perfectly for this outfit. Flats are also a good option if you don't want to feel too dressed up.

Look 3: Lately I've found myself leaning more towards the dark side (no pun intended). I've been incorporating more black and fun, edgy pieces as part of my every day look. Black isn't just for funerals or formal events. It's the perfect basic color for both men and women. A black blazer is such a transitional piece that every woman should own in her closet! Don't stop searching until you've found the perfect one! And while you're on the hunt, be sure to try on our knit jegging. I'm the proud owner of three of them (including the black pair you see above) and I wear them all the time. You'll never want to wear another pair of pants!

Look 1: There's something about a plain white shirt that's very manly and this new long-sleeved thermal is no different. If white isn't your favorite you'll be happy to know they come in different colors and there are a handful of graphic printed styles as well. Add a rustic-looking plaid, a winter jacket and black slims and you're good to go for the day or night. Men can look just as fashionable with layered pieces as women can!

Look 2: Every man needs a black shirt and if he's bold enough he'll sport a v-neck. I have found that many men make up their minds about v-necks without ever trying them on. I say try it and then make your decision. V-necks emphasize and broaden your shoulders and all the ladies love that. You'll also be glad to know that American Eagle's v-necks aren't as low as others you'll find, so definitely give these a chance! I also can't say enough about our jackets this season, especially the men's collection. They're warm, slightly worn-looking and the detailing couldn't be more perfect.

Look 3: I thought it strange to find denim jackets back on trend but it's nice to re-discover how to wear pieces like these again. Usually denim on denim doesn't really work but as you can see it's easy to pull it off. With accessories like a great pair of aviators and a plaid scarf how could you go wrong? At American Eagle we have a wide range of great accessories for men including necklaces, bracelets, watches and beanies. Check them out and see which ones best represent your personality! [Products available in store]

Happy Holidays!