Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Junior Boys “It’s All True” Out TODAY

Ask most musicians about the inspiration behind their latest magnum opus and at best you’ll get some barely thought out guff about wanting to emulate the Beatles/Kraftwerk/Miles Davis and any other exalted artist within the canon of popular music. At worst you’ll be confronted with the shoulder-shrugging indifference: “Just listen to the music, man”

Ask Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan about what motivated the making of his and partner Matt Didemus’ fourth album, “It’s All True, and you’re soon basking an a multitude of cultural, geographic and gastronomic touchstones: names Orson Welles, Howard Hughes, Chna (Shanghai), Japan (the band, not the country), Banana Ripple ice cream, Carl Craig and analogue synths, but mostly Orson Welles.

But then Junior Boys, as their three albums to date (2004’s Last Exit, So This Is Goodbye from 2006 and Begone Dull Care from 2009) attest, are not like other outfits. Musically, they marry everything from post punk, disco, techno, R’n’B and electronica with soul, dubstep, house, splintered pop and traces of world music into one cohesive whole.

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