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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Employee Profiles: Stephanie O., Senior International Marketing Coordinator

American Eagle currently has stores in 12 countries and will be in 13 countries by the end of 2012. None of this would be possible without the hard work of Senior International Marketing Coordinator Stephanie O. and her team.

Stephanie O., Senior International Marketing Coordinator

How did you get your start at AE?
I actually started out at AE as an executive assistant in IT in 2007. My boss knew marketing was my background and passion and where I wanted to go. Everyone was very supportive to help me on that path. I worked in PR at AE prior to being in the marketing department as well and worked with the SVP of International at that time on press releases announcing our global expansion, which got me interested in the international part of the business.

What is the most fun part of your job?
Learning all the different cultural and consumer behaviors of different markets and being able to work with people from all over the world. The other day we were on a conference call here in Pittsburgh with our team in NY, and partners in Poland and the Middle East. 

What is a typical day like for you?
It usually starts pretty early with conference calls. We have a weekly call with each of our international partners in all of our markets. The calls are early in the morning to accommodate the time difference.  Prior to the calls, I review all of the emails that came in through the night since most of our partners have completed a full day of work, or close to it, by the time I come start in the morning.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to be in international marketing?

Having a passion for where you work and an acute attention to detail are important.  Equally key is the desire to learn about other areas of the world and the ability to think outside of the domestic retail business.

Do you have any special interest or hobbies?
Definitely travel.  I love to travel whenever I get the chance. I like doing different home decorating things that I find on Pinterest. I also like to cook a lot. 

Stephanie's wedding Pinterest board for her upcoming wedding.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Like most, I’m a huge Pinterest fan. I’m getting married in August, so I’m always on there looking for wedding ideas and often find myself with new recipes, style inspiration and home decor. There’s a lot of really great stuff on there. I would say I’m addicted!

If you weren’t working at AE, what would you want to be doing?
I would want to still do something in marketing, particularly brand management or consumer behavior. I love putting all the pieces together and working to build a brand identity. I received my undergraduate degree & MBA in Brand Management.  I also find it very interesting how people react to marketing and why they do or don’t want to purchase a product based off how something is marketed.

What are you most excited about for the future of AE internationally?
Bringing the brand to new markets and having them learn about what we have to offer in terms of denim, lifestyle, a great assortment of product and seeing that growth and being a part of it.

Where are your favorite travel destinations – domestically or internationally?
One of my favorite cities is Prague. I love that it is so old world and that it looks like it is completely from a fairy tale. Personally, I’m hoping we open stores there at some point! I also love anywhere in the Caribbean or by the beach!

Stephanie during her trip to Prague

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interview with La Mer

La Mer

AE caught up with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, La Mer. If you aren’t familiar with the ingénue, La Mer aka Meredith Claire, grew up in the theater, became a world traveler and spent hours in the dark filling diaries with secret songs and deep sea mysteries that would later determine her destiny. She spent time living in Spain before moving to New York where she performed in local venues, rocked underground warehouses, hidden elevator shafts and indie theatres.

After 2 years on the road, La Mer lost a friend in a horrible accident; this incident set a bonfire to who she thought she was. From deep loss, she found love and moved to the top floor of a brownstone in the jungles of Bedsuy, Brooklyn to study the masters of songwriting, find her voice and write a record. Tired of being a fish out of water, La Mer moved home to California and is currently collaborating with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Andy Kravitz while embracing the waves and enjoying life as a gritty hula girl in Venice Beach.

MP3 Download: Everything Is Fine

AE: You recently moved from NY back to your hometown of LA, has this move had an affect on the music you’re creating?
La Mer: Most definitely.   Living in NY helped me realize what a true Cali girl I am.  I live about a 10 minute walk from the beach in Venice.  I smell salt in the air when I wake up, walk out my door to palm trees, crazy looking cacti and cute little beach houses with funky people living inside them. Feeling inspired by my surroundings makes it easy to create from a genuine and open place.

Also, I tend to move really fast and push hard, part of the reason I was so drawn to NYC!  The rhythm and flow of LA brings out the softer parts of my personality.  I am just now realizing how my femininity brings out my strength; I really enjoy creating music from this place. Plus, getting caught in LA traffic helps me learn more cover songs, I love rocking out in the car!

Living in NYC has allowed me to return to LA with an entirely fresh perspective. Venice is brimming with the most amazing people, its currently going through a renaissance, everything is igniting all over the community and I feel like I am part of it, it’s incredible to be here! 

AE: What are your 5 biggest loves about LA?
La Mer:
1.    Golden hour before the sun sets
2.    The old cinemas with red velvet seats, especially the silent movie theater on Fairfax,  
3.    Venice Beach
4.    Driving through the canyons, especially Topanga and Laurel
5.    Fresh berries for sale on the side of the road

AE: What do you miss about NY?
La Mer:
1.    My friends
2.    The Public Theater
3.    Central Park
4.    The beginning of Spring
5.    Deli’s on almost every corner that sell flowers 24/7
6.    Taim, the best Falafel in the world.

AE: What inspires your fashion choices?
La Mer:
My mood, the weather, the event I’m attending, if I feel like playing dress up or just falling back on my urban cali flower girl getups. There are certain articles of clothing that bring out specific parts of my personality.  If I’m feeling playful I add a little sparkle like lace gloves, fairy dust around my eyes. If I’m ready for mischief I find an outfit that brings out the feline parts of my personality.

AE: From your observations, what defines NY fashion vs. LA fashion?
La Mer: LA’s fashion exudes comfort, you can rock a pair of cute jeans and a soft cotton tee with heels and it works. NY is currently going through a bit of a lumberjack phase, especially in Brooklyn and to be honest I don’t really get it. Lumberjack phase aside, I would say NY fashion remains more chic; it’s closer to Paris and Milan, connected to hi-end fashion and glamor,  it’s a bit more shiny leather, a bit more tucked in and buttoned up, still sexy!

LA is just more relaxed in it’s fashion sense, it’s a reflection of its culture and surroundings... warmer and loser, more room to breath. NY is shiny black leather, LA is vintage tan suede  :)

AE: Who have been your biggest musical inspirations?
La Mer: Dusty Springfield, Beck, Nancy Sinatra, Inara George (Bird and the Bee), Sia, Johnny Cash, Damon Albarn, Bradley Noel,  Leonard Cohen,  David Byrne, The Doors, Carole King, James Taylor, Shirley Bassey, The Cardigans, Wilco, Nina Simone, Zap Mama, Black Keys, Jolie Holland, Lykke Li, Beach House, Feist, most recently The Janks out here in LA, Foster the People, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Serge Gainsbourg, Eartha Kitt, Air, Neko Case.

Where Has Your AE Been - Kazakhstan

Jessie I., a former AE Store Associate from Indiana, Pennsylvania, moved to Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, in April when her boyfriend began his teaching job at Nazarbayev University. Jessie wanted to learn more about the Kazakh culture and see more of the world, so she has been exploring her new country in her favorite AE clothes. Every time Jessie sees someone wearing AE she shouts, "American Eagle!" and even though they only speak Russian, they know what Jessie means!

Jessie is wearing her AE Black Jeggings, AE Sunglasses, and AE Purse on Respublika Street in Astana.

Jessie is wearing her Jeans, Shirt, Hoodie, Purse and Flip Flops, all from AE, near a shopping center in Astana.

Jessie is standing outside Astana wearing an AE Boyfriend Tank, Scarf, and Sunglasses.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

AE Employee Profiles: Rachel T., Graphics Buyer

Your favorite styles at AE stores and on don't just appear - AE employees like Rachel T., Assistant Buyer of Women's Graphics and Swimwear, and her team research the hottest trends to bring the latest styles to you.

Rachel T., Assistant Buyer of Women's Graphics and Swimwear

How did you get your start at AE?
Being from Pittsburgh, I always knew AE was an awesome company to work for.  I landed an internship here in college and fell in love with the idea of buying. I had no idea I could have such a creative and colorful job in the corporate business world.

What is the most fun part of your job?
I love getting to work with so many different people every day. There is never a day that I just sit and stare at my computer. On any given day, I’m on the phone with people in New York at our design office or e-mailing someone in China. I get to work with such a diverse group of people.

How do you choose which graphic styles to buy?
I just try to get inside the customer’s head - I imagine I’m her. Then we pull these trends from fashion inspiration and translate them for our customer.  Some examples are neon and ethnic/tribal prints. The goal is to always keep it fresh and exciting each season!

The AE Vintage Crop Tank is one of our favorite graphic pieces from Summer!

What are you most excited about for the Back to School season?
I was so excited when I saw the new marketing campaign. I love that we are following real people who have interesting and diverse lives.  I love that accessible, relatable feeling as a direction for our brand. It feels authentic.

How would you describe your personal style?
I try to stick to the basics then “funkify” them by incorporating vintage pieces or updated trendy accents. Since we’re in the heart of the summer concert season, I’m going through a hippie phase! I’m loving everything that feels like ‘70s Woodstock!

What tips do you have for someone who wants to be a buyer?
I would tell them to make sure they love both sides of buying – trend shopping and the business/numbers aspect.  It’s definitely a balance of both skills.  I’d also tell them that not many jobs allow you to use both halves of your brain at the same time! It’s an awesome industry that will teach you A LOT right out of college.

Where do you find your inspiration?
A few different places - I get a lot of trend ideas from celebs and gossip mags, but I’m also lucky enough to work in a super trendy office. I look to my coworkers to see how they interpret trends to suit their own personal style.  I’m also always thinking about how people styled clothes over the past few decades – they have a lot of the answers if you just go back in time and find them.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?
The Sartorialist is my favorite because it features real people all over the world. I also love Atlantic-Pacific and Sincerely Jules.

Do you have any special interest or hobbies?
I love to travel – this year was France, next year is Bolivia. I try to pick a new country every year. Aside from travel, I love antiquing. That’s where my vintage love comes from. I love finding cool antiques to decorate my apartment or my wardrobe!

Rachel snapped this photo on a trip to Tanzania.

If you weren’t working at AE, what would you want to be doing?
I would have my own boutique in some adorable beach town. Oh – and I’d be a yoga instructor on the side! Sounds tempting…

MP3 Of The Day: Gemini Club “Can’t Believe You Said That”

Gemini Club

Gemini Club, consisting of Dan Brunelle, Tom Gavin and Gordon Bramli is a three-piece indie-electronic dance band hailing from Chicago. Their unique live shows have been tearing up the scene for the last two years and commencing dizzying dance parties in every city they go. Far from the conventional live performances, Gemini Club have a specially designed rig that allows for on-the-fly remixing of their own songs, meaning each Gemini Club show is different from the last. As a result, Gemini Club has been asked to support the lives of Chromeo, A-Trak, Two Door Cinema Club, and Chateau Marmont.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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Minus The Bear To Release Fifth LP, Infinity Overhead

Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear have announced the upcoming release of their fifth studio full-length album, Infinity Overhead, which will be out on August 28 via Dangerbird Records.

For this album, the Seattle-based five-piece reunited with former member and producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Cursive). Minus the Bear has also returned to their original direction for Infinity Overhead; the album is aggressive and guitar-laden.

"I look at it like when we started this band we were building a house with the first three records, then with Omni we decided to go to a beach house," said drummer Erin Tate. "Now, with Infinity Overhead, we are back working on our house."

Minus the Bear has released a sneak peak of their upcoming album with a minute-long trailer featuring the song "Diamond Lightning," which you can watch below.

Infinity Overhead track listing:
1. "Steel and Blood"
2. "Lies and Eyes"
3. "Diamond Lightning"
4. "Toska"
5. "Listing"
6. "Heaven Is A Ghost Town"
7. "Empty Party Rooms"
8. "Zeros"
9. "Lonely Gun"
10. "Cold Company"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Divine Fits Announce First Single and Album

Divine Fits

You may not have heard of Divine Fits yet, but you are probably familiar with the members. Divine Fits is the side project of both Spoon (Britt Daniel) and Wolf Parade (Dan Boeckner). Plus third member Sam Brown of New Bomb Turks. What we have here is a new super group.

Just today they announced the July 31st release date for the band’s first single, "My Love Is Real," which you can pre-order here, but you can also check it out early here (you just gotta Like the band on Facebook, naturally).

Also, watch the trailer for the band’s upcoming album, due later this year on Merge, below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stream DIIV'S Oshin In Its Entirety

DIIV's debut LP Oshin is now streaming in it's entirety. Listen to it here and then if you like it, go buy it on June 26th from Captured Tracks! If you live in New York, don't forget to come out and get weird with the band at their record release show this Saturday, June 23rd at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.


(Captured Tracks)
June 26, 2012

01 (Druun)
02 Past Lives
03 Human
04 Air Conditioning
05 How Long Have You Known?
06 Wait
07 Earthboy
08 (Druun pt. ii)
09 Follow
10 Sometime
11 Oshin (Subsume)
12 Doused
13 Home

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where Has Your AE Been - Hawaii

Chris P. from London, England has spent the past three months traveling through North and South America. He began his trip in Vancouver, Canada this March and will end his trip in Peru later this Summer. One of Chris's favorite stops so far was Hawaii, where he took photos wearing his AE shirts.

Chris P. wore his AE Applique T at Hanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii

Chris P. wore his AE Applique T at Kahuna Falls in Big Island, Hawaii

Chris P. wore his AE Applique T at Akaka Falls in Big Island, Hawaii

Have you packed your AE clothes for a memorable trip? Submit your photos to and you could be featured on our blog.

Stream "The Royal Concept EP" by The Royal Concept

Among a burgeoning electronic dance music scene, rock band really have to go the extra mile to be heard in Stockholm, Sweden. The indie alternative group, The Royal Concept, did just that and more. DJs may have owned the night in Sweden, but the group managed to be heard by super sizing the experience for the audience often by playing exclusive acoustic sets for fans after their shows.

The Royal Concept’s self-titled debut EP is out today and will certainly warrant adoration. The group joyfully melds an array of diverse influences such as Daft Punk, Simon & Garfunkel and The Strokes.

You can stream the entire EP here:

The Royal Concept EP by universalrepublic

And if you like what you hear, you can download “Gimme Twice” here:
Gimme Twice - The Royal Concept by universalrepublic

The Royal Concept “The Royal Concept EP” (eBundle)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Employee Profiles: Dan F., AE Copywriter

Dan F., Copywriter for AE, works with the marketing team each season to create cool, original writing for the brand. He writes the taglines, headlines & other “copy” you see in stores, emails, & more to give the brand a fun, distinctive voice. We sat down with Dan to learn a little more about what it’s like to be the voice of AE!

Dan F., AE Copywriter

How did you get your start at AE?
I jumped around a lot before I came here. I worked in a lot of journalism-based jobs, a lot of PR. I was looking for something new and heard about an open freelance copywriting position here. It was something I had never really done before and I thought it would be a good challenge for me so I gave it a shot and now I’m here full time.

The view from Dan's desk.

What is your background in writing? Did you always know you wanted to write?
I was a huge film nerd growing up. I went to school for film making for the first two years. Halfway through I started getting into journalism and creative non-fiction writing and ended up majoring in journalism while still studying film. I always liked telling stories and finding different ways of doing it, whether it was writing, film making, whatever. It was something I always connected with and something I wanted to do. What I do now is basically help tell the story of the brand, season, and product..

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?
At the beginning of every season I write a long story for it. No one ever really sees it, we just pull lines and ideas from it throughout the season. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed writing – there’s a lot of freedom with it and there’s no pressure or limit to what or how much I write. That’s where taglines for the season come from a lot of the time.

Part of the Summer 2012 story

Where do you find your inspiration?
There’s not just one thing I get inspiration from. I like watching movies, reading magazines, or reading short stories and novels. Even song lyrics are cool to look at sometimes. Another cool thing is listening to the way people talk, the way they have little idiosyncrasies. I think speech patterns are interesting. The way people talk is usually a lot more interesting than the way they write.

Dan's copy from AE Holiday 2011

What is a typical day like for you?
Reading a lot of e-mails from people requesting different lines of copy while making a lot of revisions. It’s really busy work but it’s really rewarding when you see the end result that has your words and your voice in it.

If you weren’t a copywriter at AE, what would you want to be doing?
I probably would still be writing in some way. I’ve always liked traveling and I love food so maybe I’d be a food writer or restaurant reviewer or a travel writer. That’s my favorite thing to do – go to new cities and try new foods and new restaurants.

A seafood boil at Tubby's Tank House in Savannah, GA

Where are your favorite places to travel?
Anywhere on the coast is awesome because I love seafood. Anywhere you can get a good seafood boil near the beach.

Do you have any cool hobbies or interests?
I like to golf, and I run as much as I can. I like movies, reading and weird pop culture stuff. I haven’t had a lot of time for hobbies lately though because I just bought a house, so I’ve been spending all my free time learning how to take care of it.

Dan, second to left, ran the Pittsburgh Marathon on a relay team with his sister, father, godfather, and friend in May

What is some of your favorite writing?
Nonfiction: Hell’s Angels by Hunter S. Thompson
Novel: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
Short Story: Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes by Raymond Carver
TV Show: Breaking Bad by Vince Gilligan
Film: Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

David Byrne and St. Vincent Team Up For Collaborative Album and Tour

David Byrne and St. Vincent

It’s always pretty exciting whenever David Byrne announces anything, but this most recent statement really got us going, seeing as he’s collaborating with one of the most talented songwriters of recent years: Annie Clark, better known by her moniker St. Vincent. The two will be releasing a full-length LP, entitled Love This Giant, set to be released September 11th via 4AD and Byrne’s own label, Todo Mundo. And there’s more! The duo will also be departing on a fairly extensive North American tour, scanning East to West in fair proportions, which will undoubtedly be an impressive showcase—seeing the two on stage together.

You can download their first single, “Who,” for free, just below.


David Byrne and St. Vincent tour dates
15, Minneapolis, MN - State Theater
16, Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theater
18, Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
20, Toronto, ONT - Queen Elizabeth Theater
21, Montreal, QUE - Eglise St-Jean Baptiste (POP Montreal)
23, Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre
25, New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
26, New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
27, Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theater
29, Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Park
30, N. Bethesda MD - The Music Center at Strathmore
2, Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium
3, Atlanta, GA - Cobb Energy Center
5, Austin, TX - Bass Concert Hall
6, Houston, TX - Hobby Center
7, Dallas, TX - McFarlin Memorial Auditorium (SMU)
10, San Diego, CA - Humphrey's
11, Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theatre
12, Costa Mesa, CA - Segerstrom Theater for the Arts
13, Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre
15, San Francisco, CA - Orpheum Theatre
17, Seattle, WA - 5th Ave Theatre
18, Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer Auditorium
20, Vancouver, BC - Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts

Friday, June 15, 2012

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Win a Prize Pack from We Are Serenades

It’s Prize Pack Friday!

Enter for your chance win a music bundle from We Are Serenades including an autographed copy of “Oceans” on vinyl and “Criminal Heaven” on CD.

Enter to win a prize pack from We Are Serenades.

If you’re not already familiar with them, then we’d like to introduce you to an amazing band called We Are Serenades. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Serenades are the dynamic duo of Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds) and Markus Krunegard, two of Sweden’s most highly-regarded songwriters.

A chance meeting between two sultry leaders of two traveling packs of musicians, stealing glances on the sly at a truck stop somewhere along the Autobahn. A short and shy conversation, sweetly cramped by mutual admiration, and the first ice was broken. Once back home in Stockholm, Sweden, the two continued to run into one another, in clubs and bars, always at night, they were an artful smash-up waiting to happen. That time finally came in the winter of 2010/2011. Olenius and Krunegård picked out a studio where they spent two months compiling the bits and pieces they had accumulated over the past 4 years into a full length album. The album Criminal Heaven ended up consisting of 10 songs, all constructed according to the gospel of Markus and Adam.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Milo Greene - “Take A Step”

Los Angeles-based Milo Greene have premiered a new track titled, "Take A Step." This song comes from their upcoming self-titled debut, which will be released on July 17 via Chop Shop/Atlantic.

If you are into harmonies, this song (and album) is definitely for you. "Take A Step," in particular, is reminiscent of the folkiness of Fleet Foxes, yet there is no definitive front man. And it is certainly the perfect song for the June gloom most of us have been experiencing. Go get introspective, and listen to Milo Greene's "Take A Step”. Milo Greene are currently on tour.  You can catch all their tour dates on their website

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kishi Bashi Announces Headlining Tour + Dates With Passion Pit

After spending much of 2012 globetrotting with Of Montreal as both a member and an opener, Kishi Bashi is gearing up for his first headlining tour. Tall Trees open and also play as his backing band along the route. Before setting out, Kishi Bashi will spend several nights opening for Passion Pit on their July tour.

Kishi Bashi has been wowing audiences with his violin-based, one-man live show where he uses looping to re-create complex avant-pop songs from his bright and soaring debut LP, 151a (out now via Joyful Noise). When he was last in San Francisco he taped a few songs live at Golden Gate Park with film/music project Echolocale, who just released the video today.

The first 500 copies of the vinyl are hand-numbered, pressed on clear/white (side by side) split color vinyl. Records can only be purchased from the Joyful Noise online store, and from the band on tour.

Stream 151a via Soundcloud .

Tour Dates:
Jul 16 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works*
Jul 17 - Knoxville, TN - The Valarium*
Jul 19 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore*
Jul 20 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa*
Jul 26 - New York, NY - Joe's Pub (2 shows)
Jul 27 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall
Jul 28 - Philadelphia, PA - The Fire
Jul 29 - Allston, MA - Great Scott
Jul 30 - Montreal, QC - Quai Des Brumes
Jul 31 - Toronto, ON - Rivoli
Aug 1 - Detroit, MI - Lager House
Aug 2 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues** (Lollapalooza Pre-show)
Aug 3 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
Aug 4  - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway Nightclub
Aug 5 - Memphis, TN - Hi Tone Cafe
Aug 6 - Atlanta, GA - 529
Aug 7 - Durham, NC - Garage
Sept 20 - New York, NY - Central Park Summer Stage^
* w/ Pasion Pit
** w/ Passion Pit and GIVERS
^ w/ Dr. Dog

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where Has Your AE Been - Big Bend National Park

Ryan P. traveled to Big Bend National Park in Texas in May 2011. Ryan spent the days hiking and sightseeing, while catching bats to capture their data by night for a school project.

Ryan wore his AE Button-Up and AE Shorts at the Pinnacle Trail next to Emory Peak in Big Bend National Park.

Ryan wore his AE Button-Up and AE Shorts on the Pinnacle Trail overlooking the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park.

Send photos of you wearing your AE clothes while traveling to

Out Today: Synthetica by Metric

Metric Releases Synthetica

The U.S. release of Synthetica (MMI/MOM+POP), Metric's fifth full-length studio album is out today. Guitarist and album producer, Jimmy Shaw, describes Synthetica's enthralling balance of futuristic and organic sound on the new record as "[...] the culmination of everything we've done.  We've always had a sound in our heads that we hoped to realize. We finally heard it coming back out of the speakers this time."  Metric's Emily Haines first envisioned the word "Synthetica" as the name for a particularly resilient skin-job from Blade Runner, a female replicant who voices an inner monologue of all your human imperfections. "If you imagine a nightmarishly fake version of me as a pop star, that's her," she says.  "And this record was about me saying, I'm going to give more to the music than ever, but there's no way I'm going to turn into someone like that."  As she sings on the album's hard-rocking title track; "We're all the time confined to fit the mold / But I won't ever let them make a loser of my soul."

Stream Synthetica in its Entirety via SoundCloud 

The music video for Synthetica's lead single, "Youth Without Youth," also premieres today. Directed by Justin Broadbent, the "Youth Without Youth" video blends the old with the new through imagery of themes present throughout Synthetica while simultaneously and subtly referencing moments throughout Metric's career.    

Purchase Tickets to See Metric Live (every ticket purchased for a headlining date comes with a digital copy of Synthetica and 5 bonus Synthetica Reflections tracks)

09.06.12 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY
09.08.12 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
09.09.12 - Madison Theatre - Covington, KY
09.11.12 - State Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
09.14.12 - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN
09.17.12 - The Fillmore - Charlotte, NC
09.18.12 - Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA
09.20.12 - Orpheum Theatre - Boston, MA
09.21.12 - The Strathmore - Washington, DC
09.22.12 - Tower Theater - Philadelphia, PA
09.23.12 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY
09.27.12 - Hard Rock - Orlando, FL
09.28.12 - The Fillmore - Miami, FL
09.29.12 - The Ritz - Tampa, FL
10.01.12 - Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
10.02.12 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
10.04.12 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
10.05.12 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT
10.06.12 - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
10.09.12 - The Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
10.10.12 - Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kimbra Announces Fall Headline Tour Of North America


International sensation Kimbra has announced her first-ever headlining tour of the US and Canada. The month-long run kicks off September 25th in Vancouver, BC and runs through to October 27th in Toronto, ON. The Stepkids will support. Ticket on-sales begin Friday, June 15th, visit for details.

The tour will support the release of the US version of her debut album Vows, which was released on May 22nd via Warner Bros. Records. Vows debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts and has received overwhelming critical acclaim so far.

Originating from Hamilton, New Zealand, Kimbra has been performing her jazz-inflected pop since she was 14. She worked on her debut album, Vows, for over three years, finally releasing it Australia in August 2011 to critical and chart success. Vows won the 2011 ARIA (Australian Grammy) for Best Female Artist and spawned three hit singles; "Good Intent," "Settle Down," and "Cameo Lover."

Catch Kimbra On Tour:

With Foster the People:
June 11 - Summerstage - New York, NY
June 12 - Lachine Canal - Montreal, QC
June 14 - Mann Center - Philadelphia, PA
June 15 - Bank of America Pavilion - Boston, MA
June 17 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
June 19 - Downsview Park - Toronto, ON
June 20 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL
June 21 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL
June 22 - US Bank Theater - Minneapolis, MN
June 25 - Deer Lake Park - Vancouver, BC
June 26 - WAMU Theater - Seattle, WA
June 27 - Edgefield Amphitheater - Troutdale, OR
June 29 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA
June 30 - Gibson Amphitheatre - Los Angeles, CA
July 1 - Gibson Amphitheatre - Los Angeles, CA
July 3 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
July 5 - The Great Salt Air - Salt Lake City, UT
July 6 - Commerica Theater - Phoenix, AZ
July 7 - The Pool at the Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

Sept 25 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC
Sept 26 - Showbox @ the Market - Seattle, WA
Sept 27 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
Sept 29 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
Sept 30 - Majestic Ventura Theater - Ventura, CA
Oct 03 - Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
Oct 05 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
Oct 09 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT  
Oct 10 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
Oct 12 - Verizon Theatre - Grand Prairie, TX
Oct 14 - Austin City Limits - Austin, TX
Oct 16 - Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN
Oct 17 - Metro - Chicago, IL
Oct 20 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
Oct 21 - Theater of the Living Arts -Philadelphia, PA
Oct 23 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
Oct 24 - Royale Nightclub - Boston, MA
Oct 26 - Corona Theatre - Montreal, QC
Oct 27 - Danforth Music Hall -Toronto, ON    

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tweets of the Week

We've seen some awesome Tweets from our fans this week. Check them out below and tell us which are your favorites:

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Enter To Win a Copy of Neck Of The Woods on Yellow Colored Vinyl

Neck of the Woods by Silversun Pickups on yellow colored vinyl

Neck of the Woods sees Silversun Pickups lighting out for the territories, stretching the boundaries of their exhilarating psychedelia with confidence, invention, and undeniable ambition.  Having long made their bones as masters of widescreen power, the Los Angeles-based band’s third Dangerbird Records album takes their filmic vision to another level entirely – this is full-on IMAX rock ‘n’ roll, in stereoscopic 3D and Sensurround.  Starting with the mesmerizing first single, “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings),” the album fairly detonates with high definition creativity.  Roomier rhythms and judiciously applied electronic shadings form a blissed out base camp for the band’s electrifying aural adventures, the elegiac landscapes of Neck of the Woods revealing an unbridled expansion of the already impressive SSPU sound.

Win a copy of Neck Of The Woods on Yellow Colored Vinyl

AE Employee Profiles: Paul E., Director of Marketing Strategies, Testing, & Research

New jean fits, top patterns and updated fabrics don't just end up in our stores - Paul E., Director of Marketing Strategies, Testing and Research, and his team work to find the coolest trends and clothes to stock our shelves. We interviewed Paul to learn more about him and his job at AE.

Paul E., Director of Marketing Strategies, Testing, and Research

How did you get your start at AE?
During and post-college I was working in a retail store near the AE Home Office while trying to find my ideal job. Fortunately, AE recruiters were near and brought me in for interviews. I began my career shortly after as an Assistant Buyer and eventually worked my way up becoming the Women’s Denim Buyer. My claim to fame was buying AE’s first pair of stretch denim and it was actually my first buy!  As I continued my career with the goal of diversifying myself to have a broader scope of the business, I moved into Merchandise Planning to understand the business more while rotating through Men’s, Women’s and Aerie then eventually landed where I am today which allows me to bring all my experiences together. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Driving the business! I love to identify little nuggets within the business that have the potential to explode, then strategize on implementation and ultimately measure the success.

What are some of the cool projects you have worked on?
One of the coolest projects I do is “in-home” focus groups. With the constant effort to stay in the pulse of the customer, we visit high school and college students at their residences (dorms, apartments, or homes) where they bring their close friends to participate in a group discussion. We “raid” their closets to gain insights on what they are purchasing and why. It’s amazing to hear the dialogue they have among each other and see their excitement when talking about clothes. It’s great to observe them in their own environment where they are relaxed, comfortable and willing to share shopping experiences. The most unexpected part when I first stared doing the in-home focus groups was seeing how excited the guys were when it comes to presenting what they wear!

What is the coolest place your job has taken you?
Sticking with the above, I have visited many great locations but would have to say the most memorable after a long six week road trip of doing “in homes” across multiple markets, the final group was conducted in a beachfront home with a priceless view. 

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everyday from everyone I am in touch with at all levels within the organization. You can learn from every person whether it’s an intern bringing a young fresh, new idea to the table or leadership communicating their vision. I love how accepting and encouraging it is to hear everyone’s ideas and to know it adds value that is received when an idea or opinion is given. It’s totally a collaborative team approach and it is highly motivating and competitive in a good way and ultimately a feeding frenzy of inspiration.

What is a typical day like for you?
You have your schedule for the day, anticipating, prepping as much as humanly possible and it can change or evolve very rapidly once the day begins. A typical day, to sum it up, is crazy passion and unexpected all at the same time. What’s fun about it is that there is no typical day and the days are never the same.

What is your favorite place in Pittsburgh?
My favorite places in Pittsburgh are wherever there is a good restaurant. They are spread throughout the city and have diverse offerings. Current faves: brunch must-have is Meat & Potatoes and I'm a sucker for good margaritas and tacos at Cantina.

What is your personal style?
My personal style can be summed up as scrambling to make a decision of what to wear in the twenty minutes prior to leaving for work at the beginning of the day.

If you weren’t a working at AE, what would you be doing?
I’d have my own store – doing the same thing! I love retail in general and have a passion for the business. I would incorporate all of the things I’ve learned throughout my career - a love of clothing.

Do you have any cool Summer plans?
Sun and fun in Turks and Caicos.