Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Wear It: Jen's Top Styles for Holiday

Jenmarie G., a store associate from our AE store in Corona, California, runs a great fashion blog called Style Through Her Eyes. We love reading Jenmarie's style tips and thought she would make a great guest blogger for Made to Last.

We asked Jenmarie to style and photograph her top three looks for men and women from our Holiday collection. Jenmarie is wearing the women's looks and Luis, a key holder at the Corona AE, is modeling the men's looks.

Look 1: Feminine detailing like ruffles is one of my favorite things. This new, shimmery ruffled skirt works great with a tucked in shirt. If tucking your shirt in to a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt like this one is a new thing for you, try going for a loose chiffon top like the one I'm wearing. It makes for a comfortable and effortless look. And you know, a little pop of red never hurts either. We have fantastic new skinny belts and beautiful skirts and dresses in our store already, so if you're thinking you need something new to wear for the holidays, definitely take a peek!

Look 2: My confession is this; I'm obsessed with lace and crocheted pieces. I'm the type of person who would wear this outfit even if I had no event to attend. Why not have a red carpet moment every day? I love the lace bodice on the dress and the sleeves on the cardigan. Silver happens to be one of my favorite accent colors and it worked perfectly for this outfit. Flats are also a good option if you don't want to feel too dressed up.

Look 3: Lately I've found myself leaning more towards the dark side (no pun intended). I've been incorporating more black and fun, edgy pieces as part of my every day look. Black isn't just for funerals or formal events. It's the perfect basic color for both men and women. A black blazer is such a transitional piece that every woman should own in her closet! Don't stop searching until you've found the perfect one! And while you're on the hunt, be sure to try on our knit jegging. I'm the proud owner of three of them (including the black pair you see above) and I wear them all the time. You'll never want to wear another pair of pants!

Look 1: There's something about a plain white shirt that's very manly and this new long-sleeved thermal is no different. If white isn't your favorite you'll be happy to know they come in different colors and there are a handful of graphic printed styles as well. Add a rustic-looking plaid, a winter jacket and black slims and you're good to go for the day or night. Men can look just as fashionable with layered pieces as women can!

Look 2: Every man needs a black shirt and if he's bold enough he'll sport a v-neck. I have found that many men make up their minds about v-necks without ever trying them on. I say try it and then make your decision. V-necks emphasize and broaden your shoulders and all the ladies love that. You'll also be glad to know that American Eagle's v-necks aren't as low as others you'll find, so definitely give these a chance! I also can't say enough about our jackets this season, especially the men's collection. They're warm, slightly worn-looking and the detailing couldn't be more perfect.

Look 3: I thought it strange to find denim jackets back on trend but it's nice to re-discover how to wear pieces like these again. Usually denim on denim doesn't really work but as you can see it's easy to pull it off. With accessories like a great pair of aviators and a plaid scarf how could you go wrong? At American Eagle we have a wide range of great accessories for men including necklaces, bracelets, watches and beanies. Check them out and see which ones best represent your personality! [Products available in store]

Happy Holidays!

Video Pick: She & Him

Thanksgiving has passed and we’re looking forward to the holiday season filled with Christmas trees, gingerbread, mittens and eggnog.

Today’s video pick comes from She & Him live on Jay Leno

Who better to get you into the holiday spirit then the doe-eyed Zooey Deschanel?

Purchase “A Very She & Him Christmas”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where Has Your AE Been - London & South Africa

Adam and Stephanie were Social Media interns here at American Eagle this past summer. You might remember them from great blogs, like this one! After their internships were over, they both packed their bags for London! Adam is currently in grad school and Stephanie is spending the semester studying abroad. There aren’t any AE stores in London, but they love seeing people on the street rocking AE.

As soon as Adam and Stephanie heard about Where Has Your AE Been, they dressed from head to toe in Fall AE they picked up before leaving and went to the Millennium Bridge in London.

Here is another photo of Adam wearing an AE shirt and shorts in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Stellenbosch is the wine region of South Africa!

Can your AE claim as many frequent flyer miles as you? Be sure to claim your miles by sending in your pictures to

The Gorillaz release The Singles Collection (2001-2011)

What’s your favorite Gorillaz tune?

The Singles Collection (2001-2011) is out today featuring a 15-track collection of the band’s singles, videos and remixes. Call it an audio visual excursion along Gorillaz' very own Memory Lane.

1. Tomorrow Comes Today
2. Clint Eastwood (Original)
3. 19-2000 (Original)
4. Rock The House
5. Feel Good Inc
7. Dirty Harry
8. Kids With Guns
9. El Manana
10. Stylo
11. Superfast Jellyfish
12. On Melancholy Hill
13. Doncamatic
14. Clint Eastwood (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix)
15. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

Purchase The Singles Collection (2001-2011) on iTunes

For Vinyl Purchases

Monday, November 28, 2011

Download Dead Wrong by Hanni El-Khatib.

We hope you had a great holiday!

To help ease back into the routine after the holiday, we’re offering a free download of “Dead Wrong” from Hanni El-Khatib.

Hanni El Khatib is a first generation American son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants and was raised on a molotov cocktail of skateboarding, punk rock, and 1950s and 60s classic Americana. Influenced by pioneers of early rock and R&B, the multi-instrumentalist and producer derives his unique sound from a menagerie of inspirations, including ‘50s and ’60s blues, soul, garage rock and doo-wop.

Click Here to Download "Dead Wrong"

Get Inspired: Penguin Sweaters

Our theme for Holiday is 'Live to Give, Love to Get' so we thought this story about humans helping penguins in New Zealand fit into our theme perfectly.

Last month, there was an oil spill in New Zealand, a country with one of the largest populations of little penguins. Little penguins are the smallest of all penguins and only grow to be 12-13 inches tall. Over 300 penguins were covered in oil and had to be cleaned.

Penguins love preening themselves (licking at their feathers) and the veterinarians at the Wildlife Centre in Tauranga had to come up with a way to prevent the penguins from ingesting oil so they designed knitted sweaters for the penguins.

The sweaters did double duty, preventing them from ingesting oil and keeping them from freezing after they were cleaned.

We love this story because people in the community knit hundreds of sweaters in a day to save their feathered neighbors. This inspires us to think of how we can use our talents to help others this holiday season.

Update 12/9:

The first 49 penguins were released back into the wild last month after being cleaned and going through a six hour swim test to make sure they were ready for life back in the wild. Check out the video of the penguins being released below:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Knocks Announce Magic EP

Every good night out must have a soundtrack and NYC-based producers turned electro-hip-pop duo, The Knocks, are pleased to provide it. The pair will release their new EP Magic on December 6th, 2011, via A&M/Octone.

Shortly after the NME declared The Knocks to be one of the “20 hottest producers in music” for their versatile production and remix work for the likes of Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Foster The People, Chiddy Bang and Katy Perry, the NME was once again singing their praises for a slightly different reason, saying that the duo has “stepped out from behind the desk to rebirth the Superstar DJ.” Lately The Knocks have been electrifying the blogosphere and the clubs both in the U.S. and overseas with their own songs.

The Knocks just announced a 9-date run of UK shows with DJ Shadow beginning November 28th, and will head out on the high seas for the Weezer Cruise from January 19-23. The Knocks will be sailing alongside Weezer, Wavves, Dinsosaur Jr., Sleeper Agent and many more incredible bands for a cruise from Miami to the island of Cozumel off the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Performances will happen on stages around the ship, festival-style – just wear your life jacket during The Knocks set incase the dancing gets too out of control.

Check out “Magic” from the upcoming EP here.

The Knocks on Facebook

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where Has Your AE Been - China

Adero K. is a student at DePaul University and studying Economics and Chinese Language. This summer Adero spent two months in Shanghai, China in an intensive language program. “What is a better excuse to shop at AE then studying abroad?” Adero told us.

Adero (right) and her friend are on a bridge in Nanjing, China. Adero is wearing an AE tank and an Aerie skirt from Spring 2011. Nanjing is the home of Confucius’s temple and she and her friend, Kaylee, spent the day shopping.

One of the highlights from Adero’s summer in China was climbing the Great Wall. The Great Wall is in Northern China, so it is kind of chilly, even in the summer. Adero is wearing an AE hoodie from Summer 2009 and climbed hundreds of steep stairs just to snap that picture.

Has your AE been somewhere equally as fabulous? Send your photos to and you could star in ‘Where Has Your AE Been?’.

Phantogram's Artist Pick of the Day: OH No

Phantogram recently released their latest mini-album, Nightlife, and we can’t get enough of the new tracks, especially Don’t Move. We asked Phantogram to share their audio muse with us, and they sent over a playlist for AE fans to check out. Instead of a list of various artists, Sarah and Josh shared their love for OH No with us. OH No is an underground hip hop artist; he’s Mad Lib’s younger brother and releases records through the Stones Throw record label. So, if you love Phantogram, be sure to check out their Spotify list below, these are the sounds that inspire them.

Photo: Dan Monick

If you haven’t heard Don’t Move from Phantogram yet, check it out here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Get Inspired: What We're Thankful For

It's almost Thanksgiving and we've been thinking about what we are thankful for here at AEO. Everyone is thankful for their friends and family, a roof over their head, and food on the table... but what about the little things that just make life fun? We asked some of our friends around the office what they were thankful for this year.

Jamie, Associate Marketing Manager – Social Media:
  • My dog Morgan. She always puts a smile on my face.
  • Holiday cookies. I have a serious sweet tooth.
  • My family. They are amazingly supportive and loving.
Jamie (in the yellow dress) and her family
  • Boots! I have a small obsession with shoes overall but Fall is my favorite time of year because I can buy new boots and wear some of my old favorites.
  • My 'Cop Wives' - Alicia, Kelli, Chrissy and Kristin. They keep me sane and I am truly thankful for them every day.

Ellen, Social Media Coordinator:
  • I absolutely adore my family, especially my big brother who is currently serving our country in Afghanistan.
Ellen & her brother Craig
  • I am extra thankful for living in Pittsburgh and having an amazing football team to cheer for - Here We Go!
  • The winter would be a lot more brutal without my warm and cozy scarves to keep me warm.
  • I am super thankful for my amazing friends .. the best a girl could ask for!
Ellen (far left) and friends
  • I am always thankful for the barista who serves up my morning lattes!

Janie, Associate Buyer – Footwear and Accessories:
  • Colorful skinny sharpies, I can color code everything and have fun staying organized

    • My newly paved driveway- I won’t get stuck in the snow this year!
    • My boyfriend’s super cheesy pumpkin ziti
    • I’m thankful that leggings and messy hair are in style – I can get ready for work in 5 minutes and be super comfy all day
    • The invention of loop scarves – I don’t have to worry about tying it correctly or it coming undone. And it keeps me warmer!
    • AEO Striped Texting gloves – all my fingers can stay warm while I text and listen to music. The tiny magnetic strips in the thumb and pointer finger really work

    Cassie, Social Media Coordinator:
    • Chocolate. I'm a total choco-holic. I'm always eating almond M&Ms.
    • High heels: I'm really short and need the extra couple of inches!
    • Going to Pittsburgh Penguins games. I usually go with my dad so it is something fun we do together.
    My friend Abby and I at a Pens game - best of both worlds
    • My friends. I don't get to see enough of them because we all work so much and have crazy schedules, but they are always there when I need them!
    • Having a little bit of free time. I never seem to have much to myself so whenever I can lay in bed and do nothing I'm extremely happy.

    Jess, Social Media Manager:
    • DVR – I love chilling out on the weekends and being able to watch the reality shows I’ve missed over the past week. They are definitely my guilty pleasure.
    • Warm Sweaters –Since I used to live in Las Vegas I’m still not used to the Pittsburgh cold but cozy sweaters definitely help with the chill.
    • Twitter – I love Twitter and all of the people I have been able to meet via the Twitterverse. The power of 140 characters is incredible.
    • BFFs – I am so lucky to have the most wonderful group of girlfriends that are there for anything.

    Robby, Visual Flagship Area Manager:
    • Little Sisters—I can’t imagine my life without mine. We laugh, we cry, we travel. And we’re also really good at devouring entire bags of chocolate when we get together.
    Robby and his little sister

    • Direct flights from NYC to Salt Lake City—Trust me. This has changed my life. I used to live in Pittsburgh and getting home to Salt Lake for the holidays was always tricky. Flying from NYC without connections has become a luxury that I’m always thankful for.
    • My Urban Family---Torrey, Amie, Robert, Graham, Rebecca, Eliza and many more. I have some of the best friends in the world. They make me a better person.
    • iPhones, iPads, iMacs—Every boy needs an Apple product or two to keep them connected to the world. Thanks to these amazing gadgets I stay up-to-date on news, music and the twitterverse.

    Torrey, Director of Copy:
    • Grilled Cheese... For real. Simple things like cooking at home (alone or with family & friends) makes me very happy.
    • Travel... I love to learn and experience new things. Whether it’s near or far, for work or pleasure, travel keeps me feeling fresh and creatively inspired.
    • Bicycles...My new bike gets me around the city faster and easier than I ever thought possible. It’s like a magic a carpet and way better than a cab. I call mine the Black Stallion. I’m pretty thankful for the helmet, too. For obvious reasons.
    • Family... Every day is Thanksgiving with my partner Steven & “dog-der”Maebel Jones. I may not have turkey & stuffing for dinner every night but with those two in my life I have everything I need and more.
      Torrey's dog, Maebel Jones