Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's new on AE.com?

Check out AE.com and you may notice a few things have changed. We've adjusted elements of our site to make the shopping experience more user friendly.

Bag bar

  • The bag bar will be fixed to the bottom of all customers’ browser windows, so their bag items are easily viewable/accessible throughout the shopping experience.
  • Customers can edit/remove items from the bag bar and move an item to their wishlist from the bag bar.
  • Discounts can be applied in the bag bar.
  • Customers can add items to bag without losing their place in the category page.

Navigation & search
  • Navigation is now on the left side and has more sorting options.
  • New filter menus on category pages allow customers to filter by features and size.
  • Sort options updated to include: price high-to-low & low-to-high, as well as top rated.
  • Search has been enhanced to break out results into men’s and women’s. 
Try it out: On our tanks and camis page you can sort by "web exclusive"or "new arrivals" as well as by size, price, and rating.

    Looking at products
    • Customers can now change the view of their category pages from the default of 4 products across to 3 or 6 across.
    • Product reviews (star ratings) are now on category page.
    • Interactive color swatches are on category pages.
    • More zoom interaction options on product pages.
    • "View larger" option allows for maximum detail visibility. 
    Try it out: It's easier than ever to see all the different colors of our men's boxers. Click on one of the color swatches to see the product in a different color without even leaving the page.

      Take a look at the new AE.com and let us know in a comment below what you think. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer them here, or you can tweet them @american_eagle.