Friday, October 28, 2011

120 Days Prize Pack

If a year is a long time in politics, five years in music can be a career. The fact that 120 Days have taken half a decade to deliver the follow up to their debut album might have counted against them, but there’s no point making a record when you’re not ready, as any band forced to return to the studio prematurely will tell you. So here they are, at last: 120 Days, Norway’s finest, back once again, wiser, leaner, a little older for sure, but definitely no less wild. The perfect combination, if you think about it, and that’s definitely how they see it.

Click here for your chance to win a signed t-shirt and Osaka 12” from 120 Days. The Osaka 12” comes with remixes courtesy of Sidwho? + Diskjokke.

Watch the video for Osaka.

In addition, here’s a little dance track gem from 120 Days to check out on their SoundCloud titled “Dale Disco”. Enjoy!

Dale Disco by 120 Days

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