Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Inspired: What Will $1 Get You Around the World

Our AE fans are from all around the world and we want to show you what you can get for $1 all around the world. You may not get much where you live, but it might get you a surprising amount somewhere else.

  • England: Half a loaf of bread, 2/4 liters of milk, half a liter of petrol, 3 apples or a small fry from McDonalds
  • Austria: A freshly baked Kornspitz (a bread roll)
  • Canary Islands, Spain: A cup of coffee in the capital, or a half a cup in the tourist parts of the south
  • Southern India: Rasam, sambhar, curd, papad, and unlimited servings of rice to be eaten with your hands off a banana leaf
  • Cebu, Philippines: A 30-45 minute foot massage
  • Nepal: A room in a hostel
  • Croatia: A big serving of ice cream
  • Denmark: A liter of milk, a stamp for delivery within Denmark, a cucumber, or a chocolate bar
  • Budapest, Hungary: A scoop of ice cream, a plain hamburger at McDonalds, a post card, or 30 minutes of parking downtown
  • Vietnam: A DVD, 3 pairs of rubber flip flops, 5 instant noodle packages, or a street meal
  • Italy: 1 kg of spaghetti
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand: Most meals from street vendors
  • Bogotá, Colombia: A cup of coffee and two freshly baked cookies
  • Seoul, Korea: A trip on the bus or subway and a face mask.
  • Egypt: 10 bean sandwiches, a traditional Egyptian meal of noodles, rice, lentil, and fried onions.
  • Costa Rica: One papaya, one watermelon, one pineapple, or a cup of coffee.
  • Cambodia: A scarf
  • Los Angeles, USA: An hour of parking
  • Paris, France: 40% of an espresso from Starbucks
  • Dubai, UAE: A shwarma: a wrap with lamb or chicken
  • Portugal: 1 espresso
  • Australia: A scratch off lottery ticket

Inspired by Lonely Planet.

What will $1 get you where you live?