Monday, October 31, 2011

Penguin Prison Releases Self-Titled Debut

Penguin Prison’s superb self-titled debut album dropped on October 18TH, via Downtown Records in the U.S, and if you’re a fan of all things New York disco - as accessible as it is angular, burbling bass lines, resonant rhythms, shimmering synths and heavenly melodies - then you’ll love everything that is Penguin Prison.

Penguin was born at the dawn of electrofunk, in 1983 and grew up, an only child, in Manhattan. He went on to become Penguin Prison at the start of 2009 and it wasn’t long before he earned a reputation as remixer du jour for the likes of Marina and the Diamonds, Natalia Kills, Goldfrapp and Passion Pit.

Penguin Prison's remixes are more like reinterpretations than anything else, which is exactly why his signature production imprint has become a high commodity and much sought after asset in anyone's musical career these days. It was only a matter of time before Chris would then go on to record and share music of his own, which he began to do so in early 2010. Thankfully, you can now hear the spectacular results on his debut Penguin Prison album.

Download “Fair Warning” from the self-tilted release.