Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Has Your AE Been - The Equator

Jose H. is a former AE store associate from Arizona who is currently traveling for seven months. He is travelling throughout Europe and South America where he is visiting Columbia, Peru, Spain, and France, just to name a few! This picture was taken in Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador, or ‘Middle of the World’ – on the equator. Jose is standing on the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere at the same exact time! So cool!

Jose stocked up on AE clothes before he left. In this photo he is wearing an AE graphic T, AE rip-top shorts, and AE low top sneakers, all from Spring 2011.
This photo is of Jose wearing an American Eagle zip-up hoodie from Spring 2011 in Equador as well.
While in South America, Jose also had the opportunity to go sand boarding in Peru. He is wearing an AE shirt and shorts.
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