Friday, November 18, 2011

The AE Vintage Campus Collection Presents the Game of the Week: #16 Nebraska vs. #18 Michigan

Every week on American Eagle's Facebook page we feature a Game of the Week showcasing the week’s key match up. This week’s game of the week will feature a Big 10 match up sure to entertain. Everyone at AE is giving their opinion on the game, so we asked a few employees who they thought would win.

This week’s picks are made by:
  • Dave: Assistant Buyer of Licensed Apparel - Die hard Buckeyes fan. Can be seen around the office singing "Hang on Sloopy" and talking about the Big 10.
  • Monique: Web Assistant Buyer of Women’s Woven’s – Die hard LSU fan. Can be seen around the office wearing purple and talking about Mardi Gras.
  • Mike: Web Assistant Buyer of Men’s Accessories and Footwear- Villanova grad who can be seen around the office talking about how the Wildcat’s will make it to the final four this year.

The Game:
This game doesn’t have quite the implications of last week’s, but is still a high stakes match up with each team going into the game with a do or die mentality. With win’s this week and next week, as well as some other losses in the Big 10, both teams are pulling for what looks to be a Big 10 Championship and possibly a BCS at large bid.

Nebraska’s first year in the Big 10 has been one of highs and lows. From their comeback against Ohio State to losing one of their top defensive players, this season has definitely had its ups and its downs. With a win this week (and next), as well as a Michigan State loss, Nebraska may finish it’s interesting first chapter in the Big 10 on a high note with a trip to the Big 10 Championship and potentially a BCS bowl bid.

Michigan is 8-2 right now and has high hopes for a BCS at large bid. For this to become a reality they must beat Nebraska this week and then Ohio State next week at home. This will be a challenge when going up against a team very much like themselves. Both teams have punishing defenses and will need a successful rushing attack to win the ballgame. In their first match up since 2005 both teams are hoping to pull out a big victory, and possibly land a spot in a BCS bowl game. Will Nebraska’s defense be able to hold the relentless Michigan rushing attack when it counts or will Michigan feed off of the home crowd in Ann Arbor to pull out a big victory and a potential BCS bid?

The Picks:
  • Dave: How could I possibly root for Michigan? The corn-fed Nebraska defense is definitely going to shut down Michigan’s rushing attack this week. Go Huskers!
  • Monique: Nebraska’s rushing offense is going to rush straight to a victory! Go Huskers!
  • Mike: Let’s go Wolverines! We’ve got a strong run offense against a weak run defense. Fitzgerald Toussaint is a name the cornhuskers aren’t going to forget!