Friday, November 4, 2011

Old Jeans, New Hope Results

Thanks to our customers, our Old Jeans, New Hope campaign with Cotton was a huge success. We collected denim donations in all AE stores in the US and 47 of our 48 AE Student Union College Campuses as well.

The final count was (drum roll please!): 52,447 pairs of denim. That's enough to insulate 104 houses!

The top donating AE Student Union schools were:
• UMass-Amherst: 193 pairs
• West Virginia University: 182
• University of Central Florida: 182

The 47 schools combined collected 2,577 pieces of denim, which provides enough insulation for 5 houses.

A student donates her old jeans at Perdue University.

Our Rutgers AE Student Union Brand Ambassador explains Old Jeans, New Hope to a fellow student.

A UCLA student drops his pants to donate them to Old Jeans, New Hope.

A UCLA Brand Ambassador explains how the denim gets turned into insulation for homes.

We want to thank our customers for their support and donations for Old Jeans, New Hope.