Monday, December 19, 2011

Get Inspired: Give Experiences

Still trying to find the perfect present for somebody on your list? Give something they won't tire of by Valentine's Day and remember forever - an experience.

Take a trip by train.

Take a trip by train.

Most Americans don't travel by train very often, if ever. Traveling by train has definite advantages over flying - most train stations are in city centers, you don't have to deal with connecting flights or finding a parking spot and best of all - you can sit back and enjoy the trip. The travel time is a little longer but there is something romantic about taking a train trip. We recently priced a trip from Pittsburgh to New York for $140. 

Take a class.

Most people have something they would love to try or learn how to do. You can find classes for everything from wine tasting, surfing lessons, or even salsa dancing.

Tickets to a concert or show.

The tents at Cirque du Soleil.

Buy tickets to a national production of a play or musical someone on your list has been dying to see or tickets to a concert. Productions such as Cirque du Soleil have national tours, so you can find tickets in a city near you.

Have a great meal.

Everyone remembers a great meal. Take someone to a restaurant they've been meaning to try or wouldn't go to unless it was a special occasion. In Pittsburgh, we would suggest Sunday brunch at Grand Concourse. Another great option would be to go somewhere they would never pick themselves but might be interested in trying, such as fondue at The Melting Pot.

Pay an entrance fee for a race or competition.

Pay an entrance fee to a race or other event.

If you have someone on your list who is a big runner or enjoys other competitive sports, pay their entry fee as a gift. They have no excuse to not finally run the half-marathon or marathon they have been talking about!

Give a spa day.

Most people won't indulge in a spa day for themselves, but if you know someone who could use it, a spa gift certificate is a great idea.

Have you ever given an experience rather than a physical gift?