Monday, December 5, 2011

Get Inspired: Winter Must Do List

Every year, it seems like December comes and goes in a flurry of shopping, cooking, traveling, and parties. By the end of the month, it is easy to feel like you missed out on all the fun activities this time of year has to offer. Take a step back and enjoy winter with our 'must do' list this year.

1) Go ice skating
Ice skating is quintessentially a winter activity. There is nothing like bundling up, getting some exercise skating around, and warming up with hot chocolate afterwards.

2) Start a new tradition

This year, I want to start making gifts for at least a few people on my holiday shopping list. Hopefully I can even make this a new tradition. This doesn't have to be limited to crafting for the people on your list, it could be adding a new movie every year to your holiday movie marathon, making a new dish for a holiday dinner, or even starting Secret Santa with your friends, family or co-workers.

3) Get dressed up

With the chilly temps, it is tempting to eschew cute clothes for comfy, warm sweatpants and sweatshirts, but this is the season to bring out the sparkle and shine in your wardrobe. Girls, pick out a new dress for your holiday parties, dinners, and especially New Years. Guys, check out our party shop to be the most dapper guy at any event.

4) Do something for someone else

Most people put a lot of emphasis on buying gifts and donating money for the less fortunate, but there are other ways to make somebody's holidays brighter. Help your mom with the shopping, take your grandparents to a holiday concert or play, or volunteer at a local food bank. Time and talent is sometimes in short supply during the holidays and you will help someone else while feeling great about yourself.

5) Do something for yourself

It's easy to get stressed out during this time of year and run yourself into the ground. Girls, go get a mani-pedi or buy something on your wishlist for yourself. Guys, go to a game with your friends. Make sure you treat yourself during the holidays, too.

6) Have a cookie party

Get your friends and family together and have a holiday cookie party. Every family has different staples in their holiday baking repertoire so you can try something besides chocolate chip and the holiday break-and-bake sugar varieties. Who doesn't love cookies?

7) Get outside
Although it is tempting to hide from the cold and sit inside on Facebook all day, bundle up and get outside. Check out the holiday lights, go sledding, or just walk around. Plus, our techsessories making going outside a little more bearable, too.

8) Plan something to look forward to

Of course, most everyone looks forward to the holidays, but what about that slump you feel in January? Plan a long weekend, a ski trip, or even buy tickets to a concert or sporting event for the beginning of 2012. When January feels like it will never end, you will have something to get you through the winter doldrums.

9) Have a staycation

Don't feel guilty about not going outside in this mess.

When the weather finally forces you indoors, enjoy not feeling guilty about not being outside. Catch up on your favorite TV shows on DVR, build a fort inside, or finally make all those things you've been pinning on Pinterest.

10) Try something new

Winter is full of opportunities to try something new. Never been into winter sports? Try skiing or snowboarding. Go to a new restaurant or part of your city you don't frequent often. You might find several things that will become part of your new winter routine.