Monday, January 30, 2012

Download 'I Am the Lion King' by PAPA


There's a poetic purity that runs through PAPA’s punk-meets-soul album, A Good Woman is Hard to Find. Singer and drummer Darren Weiss' earnest vibrato often takes on a Springsteen-like growl in its best moments. A Good Woman is Hard to Find is an album as ripe for romance as it is partying. It has moments of aggression and simple bliss, with a classic sense of harmony, melody and style. It’s a modern, rough-and-tumble take on classic soul.

With the help of Weiss' musical partner, friend-since-childhood, bassist Danny Presant, the tracks gain a hip-hop sensibility that separates PAPA from simple revivalists and instead into timeless territory. It's an exacting and revelatory ode to what's wrong with modern romance but what won't stop one from giving it another go.

Download the MP3 for “I Am The Lion King (St. Lucia Remix)