Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Wear It: The Hunger Games Premiere

Do you want to dress like Katniss or Peeta for The Hunger Games premiere this weekend? The tributes in The 74th Hunger Games wore cargo pants, plain black tops, black leather boots, and a memento from their home district. Stop by AE before you head to the theater to dress like your favorite characters.

Start your Katniss look with a pair of brown Skinny Jeans and a black AE Favorite V-Neck T. The AE Lace-Up Moto Boots will help you run through the forests... or crowds of other movie-goers. Finally, pin the bird from the AE Stud Earring Trio to your chest as your very own Mockingjay pin.

Girls Hunger Games Look

Peeta's look is just as easy to re-create. Wear a pair of AE Relaxed Khakis with the black AE Legend Crew T. Use the AE Cinched Duffle Bag to carry your supplies from the Cornucopia and get to a safe spot with the Eastland High Fidelity Cap Toe Boot.
Guys Hunger Games Look