Monday, April 16, 2012

Right the Stars Releases 'Hello Yes OK'

Hello Yes OK by Right the Stars

Right The Stars are like Phoenix meeting Keene backstage at a Paul Simon concert.

The band, a collaborative project with Rich Jacques as the centerpiece, brings together some of Los Angeles' most talented musicians to create an unabashedly feel-good indie-pop record.  The collaborative project was born with the track "We Got It All", a song co-written with Rob Giles and Guy Erez. The track lead Jacques to dive into a fuller and more band-centric pop sound which was starkly different from the troubadour mold he had been performing in for most of his career.  "I wanted to stretch beyond the limitations of just a guy with an acoustic guitar" says Jacques.
The self-titled debut for Right The Stars was released in 2010, however the project realizes its full potential with Hello Yes OK.  Drawing its title from three words which are universally understood throughout the world, Hello Yes OK is a delightful record with hooks piled upon hooks.  Creating a musical language which shares the same universality.

The mission of Right The Stars, Cousteau Records and New Power Media is to create a unique cutting edge music company which channels a portion of profits to support and sustain causes which empower children to reach their full potential in life.

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