Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Young Liars Release First Music Video for “Colours” From ‘Homesick Future’ Debut EP

Young Liars
We’ve been playing Young Liars in-stores for some time now and we’re excited that Nettwerk Records have given the band a proper release. Check out the new video for Colours and take a listen to the Homesick Future in it’s entirety below.

The real story behind Young Liars is a simple one. Ty works manual labor at a warehouse, Wesley is an electrician, Angelo works demolition, Jordan is a web developer and Andrew sells mobile phones at the mall. They are a band - like many - that has sacrificed to make their vision into reality. It’s the sacrifice musicians have to make, that paradox that so many bands live in those days before they break. Revered as an integral part of the local soundscape, it's the band's compelling style - driving, layered and thoughtful arrangements - that sets them apart from indie rockers of the same flavor.