Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Jam: Jhameel

Today's recommendation comes from Brad Spang who is in charge of our in-store playlists.

If you like: Phoenix, Peter Bjorn & John, MGMT...

Once on the path to the US Army, the English/Arabic/Spanish/Korean/Russian speaker opted to pursue his interest in music instead after graduating summe cum laude at Berkeley. We’re sure glad he did. The songs are tight and uncomplicated pop that will make a great soundtrack to your summer. We recommend starting with the refreshing and catchy “The Human Condition” from the album of the same name. If you like it, Jhameel offers the entire album for free on his website as a supporter of “free digital music” but does encourage a donation.

Other standout tracks are Café Du Monde, How Many Lovers and THC.