Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Wear it - From Summer to Fall

The weather is getting colder but you want to get a few more wears from your summer clothes... what to do? Here are three options for girls and guys to help you incorporate your summer favorites with some new fall pieces!

Women's Summer to Fall Look 1

Have a flowy top from summer you want a few more wears out of? Incorporate it with a warm fur vest, sweater booties, and a hat to stay warm!

Your work-out clothes are still weather appropriate for the gym... but what about when you have to run errands after yoga class? Throw our cable poncho over your cami, add a scarf and a hat, and you look cute and feel cozy.

Womens' Summer to Fall Look 3

Can't bear to give up your summer dresses yet? All you need is a cute cardigan, boots, and a scarf and it transitions easily from Summer to Fall!

You've been wearing your short sleeve tees and khakis all summer, but now you need a little extra warmth. Put on a warm plaid flannel, trade your sandals for closed-toe shoes, and a cool hat to bring your summer clothes into fall.

Mens Summer to Fall Look 2

Don't want to start wearing pants yet? Pair your shorts with a cable-knit popover sweater, sneakers, and a beanie to stay warm without giving up your shorts!

Mens' Summer to Fall Look 3

How do you continue to wear your favorite jeans and short sleeve graphic-t combo into fall? Throw a western button up on top and add waterproof Timberland boots to track through the cold fall weather!